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Tuesday January 31, 2023


Thank you for your interest in Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful gift planning information.

Personal Planner

Trusts to Protect Children

Trusts are an excellent way to provide for the support and care of children while protecting them. Two important reasons to create a trust are to care for minor children or for a special needs child. In both circumstances, trusts can be an essential...

Washington News

IRS Reminder To Report Digital Asset Income

In IR-2023-12 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reminded taxpayers to report all digital asset income on their 2022 income tax returns. All taxpayers must answer a digital asset question on IRS Form 1040. The IRS has expanded and clarified...

Savvy Living

Important Medicare Coverage Dates

I know the fall open enrollment period has passed but I heard there are other times of the year when beneficiaries can make additional changes. When is it possible to make changes to my current Medicare coverage? The annual Medicare open enrollment...